NEVER reward an injury from a wrestling match with a WIN / Need new 'rules' for high school wrestling sport- Public Domain Photo - Public Service Announcement: 'the sniffles & burning eyes' for no reason... Be aware of signs your body gives for exposure to some kind of chemical.  Most of the time you will notice flatulence, 'the sniffles' burning eyes as a sign of glycol ether exposure (such as that of 2-butoxyethanol) so be aware of these signs when sitting next to someone on a bus, or an airplane or ...

Those who participate in close contact sports, such as
wrestlers ... are at high risk for second hand solvent exposure

Public Service Announcement:  Those who participate in close contact sports, such as wrestlers ... are at high risk for second hand solvent exposure. Exposure to glycol ether looks like 'the flu' or just 'sniffles.' * Diabetes is an easy to find autoimmune 'side effect' of exposure to glycol ether. With too much exposure, the anemia that's hard to find will be the most serious health issue ... & high white blood cell counts can be a side effect of this extreme AIHA.  *   *   *    *

"There is increasing recognition that FM and CFS may be autoimmune in nature." Dr. David Moskowitz

("symptoms of CFS and FM most resemble the flu")

Health Changes like CFIDS after flu *

Flu symptoms may also be:  Exposure to Glycol Ether + 'the anemia' Glycol Ether Causes *

 Cause of death - Three Soldiers die after 'flu' symptoms 2005 in USA  *


Blood is always at a pH of 7.4; exposure to anti-freeze (similar to ethylene glycol monobutyl ether) raises the acidic level of the blood. "Notes to Physician: Administration of Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) may be of value to treat acidosis. Monitor kidney and liver function and arterial blood gases closely"


Second Hand Solvent Exposure   * * * * *

treatments of gamma globulin seem to help autoimmune issues  Help!     AND ...

... & what is the body temp? blood pressure? blood sugar?

high or low blood pressure, high or low blood sugar and high or low body temp

'Part of what glycol ether exposure (such as 2-butoxyethanol) does'

Interesting to note that some AIHA is with a raised temp -

Some with subnormal body temp

December 9, 2010

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2-butoxyethanol causes a lot of harm

... an organic solvent, a teratogen, a neurotoxin, a poison, a pesticide

I first looked at the New Jersey Hazard sheet ... very concise and easy to understand .... this chemical targets the Testes ... so no wonder there is so many more males affected than females on many ailments

... and X chromosomal abnormalities

The next one that was very helpful was the one out of the UK  and

NJ Hazardous Chemical Fact sheet on 2-butoxyethanol pdf 6 pages    Info on EGBE

Glycol ether exposure causes *  *  *

... and how many glycol ethers were the gulf war vets exposed to?  *

Remembering the Dulka family

April letter to Dr G Medical Examiner

the Less Exposure, the better

Health Thoughts for a soldier, Alexander Haig

Although doctors are becoming very good at diagnosing the 'odd, rare' autoimmune syndrome that starts up,

they are not aware of the harm of this chemical family / study it for yourself



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