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2-butoxyethanol exposures should be a reason for disability approval - Is the 'pattern' of 2-BE harm there?



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Why can't the USA find the real cause of gulf war syndrome? *

  Anger Outbursts?  - Memory Loss?
* What should Presumptive Disability Approval be?

Gulf War Vet becomes dizzy with shortness of breath after strenuous exercise.  Dies 1/18/09. 

Would this have helped him? . . .  What ER doctors need to know

* WHY?   ...  The Dizziness is part of  'the anemia'   *
* What Help?...  AND    ... Why no help?
How about if you come to Valdez in the summer, and we visit your community in our winter?  Snowbirds we be! 

Goosebumps & it's not even cold

Cold to the Core

Why Horrible headaches?  Another View on Medical Health issues for those with CFIDS, CFS, FM   -  valdezlink.com/re/whyheadaches.htm  photo fair use<--link  Why Horrible Headaches?

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*  folliculitis - autoimmune?  



 these concerns  Memory Loss & Fatigue & PTSD

Which autoimmune issue is worse? Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease (mad cow disease), ALS, Guillain-Barré syndrome, Parkinson's, MS    


*   Suicide among Soldiers
*   Suicide  *  Suicide - Son of US Senator Gordon Smith 2006
* Pain in arms legs   
* disks degenerate  add herniated discs   
  Herniating Discs - Degenerative Disk Disease - Autoimmune!  *
  Proof of HARM  ALL or AIHA + NHL
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soldier children     Daughter age 10 dies  *  
  Check Blood Sugar, Body Temp, BP
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17 year anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill  3-24-06  

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 The Valdez Crud - Mother Jones article expanded 
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   Shawnm02  having major issues with my health, like red blotches on my toes and then moves up, it's almost like ring worm but it is not and all VA can say it's psoriasis. They gave me _____. Well that help for awhile now it's back and bigger spots.
Another thing is muscle spasms, headaches, joint stiffness, and middle back problems and the list goes on and on, and on top of that I have PTSD and taking meds for it and never had these problems before.  11/29/06  healthboards.com/boards/showthread.php?t=450575
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Research Committee on GWV concludes 11-17-08 that there IS a gulf war illness

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Find the autoimmune fatigue for compensation & the main cause of harm -all service eras
Thoughts for help for US Senator Ted Kennedy (RE: Autoimmune fatigue that leads to seizures)

'Help our Gulf War Vets' & other vets 



* why denials  (Don't Find the Anemia of 'syndromes') 

2-butoxyethanol exposures should be a reason for disability approval

... a story about memory loss *  ... A memory loss causing chemical  *

2-Butoxy Ethanol is unquestionably Health Hazardous  *

Chemical formula ....

2-butoxyethanol  C6H14O2/CH3(CH2)2CH2OCH2CH2OH 


It is good that some vets are receiving compensation and that for some vets it will be easier to be approved. HOWEVER, although the list of harm for Vietnam Vets is a very good one ... the powers that be have blamed the wrong chemical. Dioxin may be there, but per one researcher's comments, AO does not cause autoimmune issues.

It would be the other chemical in the mix that is common place for all wars and everyone in between, both in service and for civilians, too

The other chemical would be in gun cleaners, and many other sources. Think back, when did you have flu symptoms? Then look for the exposure to glycol butyl ethers ... especially 2-butoxyethanol.

I think it must be in the fumes of explosions. (Would love to know what a chemist would find).

ALS for instance is a stand out harm for Gulf War Vets. It is showing up in every service period with no explanation as to why.  *

So, just because dioxin is present, doesn't mean it is the cause of all that ails you.

Just because a virus is found for some with 'flu' symptoms, doesn't mean it is the cause of what ails you.

If the other chemical was something like 2-butoxyethanol, it could cause multiple autoimmune issues of which lupus would be one. And the proof is the FATIGUE that evades doctors: AIHA or IMHA. Ask the doctors to have the lab tech LOOK at the red blood cells, and LOOK for liver and kidney function (there is a hormone - erythropoietin - that must be present to make red blood cells, cause wound healing :& neurological proper functioning, too). Diabetes is only one of many side effects of this chemical exposure. Autoimmune hypothalamus would also cause abnormal blood pressure / abnormal body temperature / and low blood sugar is a side effect as well.

I have heard that gamma globulin helps autoimmune platelets; maybe it will help autoimmune red blood cells which would be the most life threatening of all ailments, and would be there as well if 2-butoxyethanol exposure is the cause of 'all that ails you'

Find the anemia that butyl causes http://www.valdezhousing.com/re/health/find.htm

Look for 'the pattern' of CFIDS, CFS, FM that 2-butoxyethanol would cause.  Memory loss and headaches are a stand out harm  http://www.valdezlink.com/re/cfids-memoryloss.htm#is

misshapen red blood cells

Consider gamma globulin for help?

... dance in the rain ... a story about memory loss *

2-butoxyethanol IS definitely Health Hazardous is


The autoimmune causing chemical that I am aware of is in many cleaning products.
AVOID 2-butoxyethanol
& consider glycobiology for help

Here's a good saying,

"These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease."

Exposure looks like the flu... or sniffles with diarrhea
Do you recall a serious flu?
What were you doing then?

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