Sorry to hear about 'flu' going around
How many people are sick?
Are you well?
They should get employees to wear air tight goggles until this passes
Check out some air-tight goggles from the supply room ... They have good quality ones at Alyeska for Personal Protective Equipment to use for oil spill cleanup settings
(Any going through a warehouse where Corexit is stored?)
Are fumes from ships that idle while filling up ... sitting over the terminal?
FLU! What have janitors been cleaning with?
What are janitors cleaning with at Alyeska?
Offices ...?   Meeting Rooms?
Have they done maintenance jobs like floor stripping?  Painting?
Last year a janitor for the post office was spraying this chemical in the waiting area of the post office; the 2-butoxyethanol clearly identified on the spray bottle ... made me furious 
This is info I would want to get to doctors of Rudy Giuliani a couple of weeks ago when he had 'flu symptoms' Rudy Giuliani 'flu'

To me, it means a particular chemical's exposure
People should see if they have 'blood in urine'
and if at 2.5 days after start of 'flu' ... there is an elevated 'retic' rate

Isn't there any such thing as a cold?

... that something's just a virus?

The flu shots will not help this chemical exposure
... in fact can harm us, not help us 
If I'm right, people should see if the CFS ...CFIDS symptoms start up after flu *
Be sure to avoid this chemical ... and that your loved ones do, too
Help your doctors to understand it, as for right now, they do not
You may also start to have FATIGUE -  HEADACHES -  Short Term MEMORY LOSS
& Abnormal Hormones, blood sugar, blood pressure, body temp
January 7, 2008
Proactive Cities & Employers
What it might 'look like' when a parent is poisoned by EGBE also known as 2-butoxyethanol


Some Famous Actor Heroes of WWII AND Bird flu or Not bird flu?

If you had diabetes or serious FATIGUE that no rest helps ... start up after 'flu-like' symptoms, ...