on 'the Larry King show' Feb 5, 2010 the autopsy was in for Brittany Murphy.

It was said the cause of death was pneumonia, anemia, legal meds

She was 5' 3" tall and weighed 115 pounds (A smaller person, can't take as much exposure as a larger person can)  *
The hard to find anemia of glycol ether exposure would be the most probable cause of Brittany's death; there are other clues, and I suspect this is the number one cause of death in the Nation ... If doctors could find it. * Exposure looks like 'the flu' Shortness of breath is one of the AIHA signs. My daughter has this and one of her signs was low iron (you need iron to make red blood cells). Look at the red blood cells. Is there blood in urine? Did she recall having 'the flu?' . . . serious 'dizzy' spells?  . . . debilitating headaches?


There are 8 signs (EVEN MORE) of autoimmune hemolytic anemia, of which 'shortness of breath' would be lack of oxygen available in red blood cells.

'Flu symptoms' are a list of exposure signs to glycol ether coupled with 'the hard to find' anemia.  *


Red blood cells that are small-sized,   Size & Shape & Age of Red Blood Cells  misshapen red blood cells,  (Recent exposure would have 'bites' out of red blood cells) Dizzy?  *

CFIDS Pattern *   * Exposure to glycol ether 'looks like the flu'
'sniffles' moisture under nose, farting, diarrhea, nausea


Glycol Ether Exposure 'looks like' the flu

What is described in 'flu symptoms' is a combination of the exposure signs
and the anemia/fatigue signs



You can flat out DIE of too much exposure, such as these 3 soldiers in 2005  *

Or such as happened to Danny Gans * a short time after 'second hand exposure' to glycol ether.  Danny Gans probably got exposed to glycol ether 2nd hand
& the anemia would have been the cause of death
Did he have blood in urine?

Or with just a little exposure now and then,

eventually the Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome symptoms would start to show up (CFS, FM for short)

Exposure may first show up with dizziness AND debilitating headaches

Headaches can be a way a body 'complains' about a chemical exposure
Especially exposure to glycol ether

Think back, 'What was different JUST BEFORE the headache started up?

Was someone different standing nearby?  Second Hand Solvent Exposure *  * * * * *

Did you clean with new products?  .... What?

Do you recall 'the sniffles?' *  . . . having hoarse voice?  Diarrhea or constant farting?



Why Horrible headaches?  Another View on Medical Health issues for those with CFIDS, CFS, FM   -  valdezlink.com/re/whyheadaches.htm  photo fair use  link

  Fatigue *  Anemia

Why Fatigue?  *

What are the signs of

autoimmune hemolytic anemia?

  • Chills  
  • Fatigue
  • Pale color
  • Shortness of breath
  • Rapid heart rate  *   *
  • Yellow skin color (jaundice)
  • Dark urine      What could BLACK URINE be?
  • Enlarged spleen
  • Very high white blood cell counts / not indicative of an infection / but advanced anemia
A chemical exposure that affects blood & blood forming organs *


How about if you come to Valdez in the summer, and we visit your community in our winter?  Snowbirds we be! 

Goosebumps & it's not even cold

Cold to the Core

Find the Anemia *
Central Nervous System Effects:

Difficulty Concentrating
Short Term Memory Loss - 
Memory Loss 
Difficulty Sleeping
Personality change - Constantly Irritable - Anger Outbursts
Suicidal Tendencies


Mimics True Psychiatric Disorder - *  Paranoia

Disjointed thinking 11/09

AND all kinds of AUTOIMMUNE ISSUES including cancers and birth defects  Autoimmune issues?

Check these basics - Look for this pattern *

Share this with your doctor


* & what help?  How does a body return from attacking you, to attacking what it is supposed to?  Check into glycobiology. 

Why so much Cancer? *

ANY Cancer is possible with exposure to the 'flu symptom' causing chemical, glycol ether ... such as 2-butoxyethanol

Gary Cooper who died at age 60 in 1960 may have had the effects of glycol ether expsoure Hamilton Jordan March, 2008 the year he died *  
Birth Defects

Do most cancers have an autoimmune aspect to them? * Would Rituxan help?


Wonder of wonders! The 2-butoxyethanol family of chemicals are Teratogens - They harm the developing fetus

   * Gulf War Vets' Loss of Child *

Three soldiers die after flu symptoms, 2005  *  *

Sgt. Clay Garton,

Sgt. Christopher Rogers, Capt. Gilbert Munoz
  "Chris was admitted with flu-like symptoms. Whatever it was, it shut all of his organs down -- shut them all down -- and I want to know what happened," his widow, Windy Rogers, said.

Organs shutting down?  *

This chemical causes multiple autoimmune issues at once.
http://www.valdezlink.com/pages/autoimmune.htm There is an autoimmune issue in which lungs fill up with fluid

When lungs fill up with fluid, it would be 'called' pneumonia
but it might be pulmonary edema ...
or whatever the autoimmune issue is that causes lungs to fill with fluid

Degenerative Disc Disease Can happen with the advanced AIHA, (usually undiagnosed) & Lungs filling with fluid  * DDD Do you have FATIGUE?  'the chills?'


Pres FDR did not have polio, he had an autoimmune issue that caused paralysis

Pres FDR a victim of glycol ether exposure, too?
It was not polio that Pres FDR had in 1921, but an autoimmune dysfunction: Guillain-Barre syndrome.

Too many things going on at the same time for doctors / researchers to pinpoint ... for 'the numbers' to mean what is expected

What ER doctors need to know


Warren Buffett  ... "We need to be donating to natural health research not more toxic drug research. ... "


I AGREE   http://www.valdezlink.com/re/drugs/list.htm

Demerol has glycol ether in it ...' ethyl ' .... ' methyl'

2-butoxyethanol * exposure can lead to hemolytic anemia.  Other Glycol Ethers, too?

To review 'the anemia'


8 signs of hemolytic anemia per medical dictionary (AIHA * or IMHA)

Pale color
Shortness of breath
Rapid heart rate
*   *
Yellow skin color (
jaundice )
Dark urine  (Blood in Urine)
Enlarged spleen

expanded *  *  *


Chart your body temperature, your blood pressure, your blood sugar


Margaret Diann