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Dear Dan,

I would like to encourage your family and doctors to consider glyconutrients.  There is a lot of information on the internet & this is some information I shared with another. 

The type of cancer you have is one that a particular chemical would cause, so avoid it even now.  It is a solvent, a pesticide in many cleaning products, in paint & stains ... things that carpenters would often use.  It should be suspect for exposure to military throughout the century, especially in war times.

Some thoughts about it shared with the American Medical Assoc.

If you have FATIGUE (ANEMIA), depression, short term memory loss, ask the doctors to have the lab look at the red blood cells and find out everything they can about them.  The anemia may be a more serious issue than the cancer.  Do you have 'the chills?'  Rapid heart beat?  Shortness of breath?  Are you pale?

I am a friend of Glenda who asked for prayer for you in our town of Valdez, Alaska.  And we are praying for you.

Valdez, AK
United States
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August 2, 2008

Subnormal Body Temperature?  Low Blood Pressure?  Low Blood Sugar?  

CFIDS Symptoms?

Recent exposure to EGBE would have fevers as a 'sign'

after FLU or congestion symptoms ... elevated blood sugar - elevated blood pressure

Check these basics - Look for this pattern *

Secondary to ANEMIA? *

Vietnam Vets Discuss Fever, Headaches, Diabetes & Autoimmune Issues

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