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Originally posted by maset22:
I find myself not not going to work, even thou I have all intension of going the day before. As I get up in the morning, thoughts, and feelings of not wanting to go; gets in my way. Stay in my house all day, doing my side job (cooking) This has been going on for about two to three months now. I now my wife is puzzle. I am somewhat also. Just wanted to post and talk about it. No one else might understand. I use to be a leader of men, counselor, and a go getter. still dont know were I am at? or Dont like were I am at.   Oct 24, 2006

First thing I thought of when I read this was DEPRESSION

Do you recall
a serious FLU? and after that FATIGUE, anger outbursts, sleeplessness, short term memory loss, difficulty concentrating, depression, quasi psychiatric issues, suicidal tendencies? ... things that are part of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome? CFS? FM?

I think what we call the FLU is a particular chemical overexposure

Common thinking, of course, is that the virus going unchecked by the NOW autoimmune immune system is the culprit. Just because ... does not mean

I think you are dealing with 2-butoxyethanol poisoning, if so, and that glyconutrients would help you. Share this with your doctor I think this type of food supplement has high hope of helping more than medications (Medications should be avoided unless absolutely essential)



Oct 19, 2006  Where am i at?


Originally posted by maset22:
To begin, I am a twenty two year Vet. With a forty % rating. Started at seventeen in 1974 until I retired in 1997. I am now with constant pain, specially due to my fifth and six cervical spine. VA say's it is congenital. The Army sure did not tell me to take it easy while doing so many missions. Now I am depress, I work one day or two with the same intervals of days off. With no pay. Medications has it's own side effects,(Drowsiness, lack of desire etc.) Now it seems that sleepless nights is now coping with a pain in my stomack that makes me ill with acidity in the early mornings. I have an appointment with the psyco Doc. I am tired. Where am I at ?

It does sound like you should consider 2-butoxyethanol overexposure for these issues.

Some guidelines I shared on your other post regarding depression & PTSD possibility

Lack of desire? (This chemical does affect sexual response, fertility, etc)

It appears to cause
degenerative discs, too

a lot of other things, of course

Some thoughts I shared with a new PTSD group

Those with CFIDS will tell you (& the definition so states) that doctors do not know what the FATIGUE is. I suspect all these issues are caused by exposure to 2-butoxyethanol AND that the fatigue IS hard to find because it varies depending on the amount of exposure (& you can still easily be exposed today, by the way)

... and the time period out. First it looks like red blood cells that are ragged and beat up, then goes to ones that are small-sized but the counts are at least borderline normal ... and later spikes on red blood cells.

Ask for manual blood results as you can have liver issues without it showing up in the computer test when red blood cells are immature. There must be something immature about them, because the immune system is attacking them and they don't live the normal 120 days.

You would have Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia or Auto Immune Hemolytic anemia. LOOK at the red blood cells. What is their size, their shape, their age?

Or you would have
approaching AIHA or IMHA    An explanation here

People are VERY SICK ... check out this info

If doctors look here ... I'm sure they will find it. The tests for AIHA are looking OK, but maybe there can be serious FATIGUE if it is 'approaching' and not full blown? My theory is provable. Blood in urine is a significant finding for those harmed by 2-butoxyethanol, as well.

I think before autoimmune attack on red blood cells is
AI Hypothalamus Someone could check that out, too, couldn't they?

Much later, or with a lot of exposure, paralysis can set in. There are two things that come to mind after learning about 2-butoxyethanol. One is this and the other is related to the chemical exposure also: such as Pres FDR most probably died of With no autopsy, it was only a guess that his headaches meant cerebral hemmorrage. Why would the doctors of the President guess about something like that?

Anyway, the paralysis that Pres FDR had was not polio, but a strong attack of the nervous system by the immune system. Prior to that is
the chronic version or CIDP

So, I'm getting off topic here to discuss causes of paralysis, except to say that after a long time there may not be distinguishable blood in urine ... but instead blood is made in peripheral organs/systems that have stem cells, and crush in on the bones, creating paralysis

I am talking about VERY ADVANCED FATIGUE

OR as in the case of Pres FDR ... paralysis may be a nervous system autoimmune issue


I have also wondered about the assorted symptoms shared on our VP Dick Cheney. Reminds me of this chemical, and of course, the best doctors in the Nation and World don't seem to find it. What would happen if he were to die in the near future ... and something were to happen to our President?

 VP Dick Cheney  

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