Texas Earmark Allots Millions

to Disputed Theory of Gulf War Illness *



   CAS No: 111-76-2

is a neurotoxin, pesticide, poison, solvent & a teratogen

Why don't you look in that direction?

It should be suspect for CFIDS

AND gulf war syndrome ailments
From TOO much exposure ... not low level doses
It looks like the flu
But it is NOT the flu - same for Bird Flu - not a virus ...
most probably THIS chemical's poisoning
Some diagnostic helps: 
I've found the cause of gulf war syndrome,
and done what I've done for 4 years for FREE
NIOSH & NIH seem interested in my info
This is a bigger issue than GWI
Please pass this info on to VP Dick Cheney's doctors ...
they're not looking here for his
shortness of breath & burning foot syndrome & fatigue
... but they should be - Concern for John Ashcroft, too
Margaret Diann Hursh
PO Box 233
Valdez, AK 99686


Dear Margaret,
You've stated in your past e-mail that you've found the cause of Gulf War Syndrome, so would you care to please enlighten those of us who must live with it daily? I'm curious about your answer. Exposures to what? Your quote was...
"I've found the cause of gulf war syndrome,
and done what I've done for 4 years for FREE"
...please explain.
Paul Lyons
Desert Storm Justice Foundation, Inc.

I've checked into many things that have been suspect for cause of  'gulf war illness' or 'syndrome' ... organophosphates ... many things 

They are not a match for all that ails you.
2-butoxyethanol is
To prove this chemical's harm,
Which you and your doctors CAN do,
that 'hides' out
Look for the 'odd pattern' of Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome
Look for blood in urine, or later abnormal peripheral blood; LOOK at the red blood cells
Aren't you disgusted by the fact the you are no more harmed than the general population in anything except ALS?
So, ALS  is something that TOO much exposure to 2-butoxyethanol would cause ...
and a whole lot of other autoimmune syndromes, too ESPECIALLY autoimmune metabolic issues like diabetes, etc
Well, our nation has not even recognized the flu  as being, many times, the chemical poisoning of 2-butoxyethanol
I recognize this chemical's pattern. I am neither a medical person nor a researcher, but I have spent an inordinate amount of time learning about this and talking to many with known and suspected harm. It is the most probable cause of what ails you. I think that if you LOOK here, you will agree. 
I know another group with the same symptoms and the same chemical exposure in common.  I recognized the symptoms before I found it on 'the list' of solvents and pesticides you were exposed to.
It is a match.  It is a match
Take a look at the info on the links I've shared.
2-butoxyethanol doesn't do just one thing.  But then, you don't have just one thing going wrong do you?
And, you can get exposed easily today, so if you don't avoid 2-butoxyethanol you can get worse and worse effects, believe it or not.
A widow of an EVOS worker shared her husband's medical info with me.  Was I surprised to see this chemical's pattern in the month he died... but after an obviously NEW exposure in Dec, 1997 
I'm not saying this is the only chemical 'gulf war syndrome vets' were exposed to or harmed by ... but I am saying that the pattern of harm they have is a match for what 2-butoxyethanol does
NIH ... maybe even NIOSH would benefit our nation  if they found out the true health picture for those in Valdez affected by 2-butoxyethanol in 1989 .  Not just the primary exposures ... but for second hand exposures, too.

'Mother Margaret' e-mail


After oil, the chemical exposure EVOS workers have with you ...

and the ONLY one you have in common is 2-butoxyethanol

Donny (a gulf war vet) ...

and Robin (an EVOS worker)

look alike?   How do YOU FEEL?  *


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