El Paso detention officer dies after team tryout

El Paso detention officer dies after team tryout

2009 The Associated Press

Jan. 18, 2009, 6:21PM
EL PASO, Texas An El Paso County Sheriff's Department detention officer has died after becoming ill during tryouts for a special reaction team.

The sheriff's department said in a release that 37-year-old Cesar Arreola died early Sunday at a local hospital where he had been taken after becoming ill during Saturday's tryout.

Arreola complained of a shortness of breath and light-headedness after completing the tryout.

He had been with the sheriff's department for more than a year and was a Gulf War veteran.

He is survived by his wife, Martha, and two children.

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Three Soldiers Die after 'flu' symptoms 2005


may be a sign of a lack of oxygen


I can only speak to one of the exposures gulf war vets have

In the context of that exposure,

It sounds like he expended the oxygen available to him with the red blood cells that he had

It could also be that in the setting he was in,

he could have had more exposure from others who were doing the work-outs,

and he would be more susceptible to it than others without exposure already

As those who were also trying out could breath this organic solvent out in their respiration,

to expose others by the tiny molecules getting into the eyes of others.

It is called second hand solvent exposure

valdezlink.com/re/dizzytoseizures.htm#low  The Dizziness is part of  'the anemia'   *


What ER doctors need to know


Look for a pattern to find the ANEMIA


Find ANEMIA for proof that EGBE causes CFIDS, CFS, FM,

'gulf war illness' *


What I think would help:  Give a fresh, whole blood transfusion ...

bring in a blood donor & do transfusion live!


 Help for

ITP is the destruction of "thrombocytes" (clotting cells) by the immune system in much the same manner as RBCs are destroyed in AIHA

Find the Anemia *    *

Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (Platelets)


Other autoimmune issues including diabetes & spontaneous infertility


Clinical signs of this disease include bruising; excessive bleeding following trauma, at surgery, or during estrus; or  blood in the urine or stool.

Before ITP can be diagnosed, many more common diseases must be ruled out. These include, but are not limited to, warfarin poisoning, various clotting disorders (hemophilia, Von Willebrand's disease), bladder or prostate infection or cancer, and intestinal parasites. A CBC, platelet count, and clotting profile are needed. A bone marrow biopsy is helpful as well, and a Coomb's test may be run if other autoimmune diseases are suspected. 

Transfusion of fresh whole blood or of platelet-rich plasma can be helpful in ITP  Source

CFIDS Anemia is  /  clues  abnormal BP, Blood sugar, Body Temp
Help?  Good nutrition & ...

glycobiology  ... Such as glyconutrients

Gamma globulin
Rituxan for AIHA? ... for cancers?  and
"Gamma globulin may also be used to treat immunological diseases other than deficiencies. For example, in immunological thrombocytopenia purpura, the patient's antibodies attack his or her own platelets, interfering with the blood's ability to clot. Gamma globulin injections are useful in treating this condition, though the mechanism by which they work is not fully understood. The injections may cause the spleen to ignore signals to destroy the antibody-tagged platelets, or they may cause the malfunctioning gamma globulin to degrade at an increased rate. In any case, the extra gamma globulin counteracts the malfunctioning antibodies that attack platelets and allows the platelets to thrive."

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So, what are the 'gulf war syndrome' symptoms?


 Get hard copies of your own medical records  * 


Suspect that Cancer is Secondary to 'the anemia of CFIDS'

that doctors are looking for   * 

Maybe not a metastasizing issue!  *

This is the 'shrapnel' chemical exposure *

Where it shows up first is irrelevant

Three Soldiers Die after 'flu' symptoms


Marine Corps Hymn


Research Committee on GWV concludes 11-17-08 that there IS a gulf war illness

Help for autoimmune issues, fatigue, cancer?


Senator Lisa Murkowski had taken an interest in these issues  *

One of these days  *