Looking for Coast Guard, Navy, DEC of 1989 in Valdez  

What ships? 1400 workers were able to be 'berthed' early on during the Exxon Valdez oil spill 'cleanup' due to the help of the US Military:  #39 ... the Deluth ... the USS Fort McHenry (Marine LSTS), the USS Mount Vernon, the USS Juneau ... and others?

One Navy man said a few years back that he had liver problems he couldn't understand ... he lived right ... why liver problems?

One US Coast Guard Monitor said he has had zero sperm and been unable to father a child.

What do we know about the health of the 1000 'bioremediation' workers ... and the US Coast Guard who monitored them?

What happened to the military who served in 1989 in and near Valdez, Alaska?  *

89 bioremediation - a worker's first hand account *


"Frankly, in all the litigation, and through all the controversy after the spill, nobody has ever asked the question: 

What about human health?" 

said Dr. John Middaugh, Alaska state epidemiologist.

LA Times Article  *


What Navy ships helped with the Exxon Valdez oil spill cleanup?  They may need to be 'decontaminated' from any residue of chemicals brought on board during those days! Anyone have a photo of the FOSS housing barge?  The DB 300 Barge was a staging barge to reissue gear and equipment closer to 'on site'


The USS Cleveland was a military transport ship that arrived approx April 1 and departed end of June, 1989. 

It housed 700-800 workers who worked on the beaches and came back with gear to ready for the next shift. 

It was replaced by the USS Deluth Both of these were LPD7 ships

What Navy Ships?  ... served near Valdez, 1989?  * etc

Navy personnel of #39 and the Deluth, and whatever other Navy ships were stationed in Valdez area in July, 1989 - Who housed the crews and handled "Corexit" and shuttled the beach crews to and from the beaches.

And the US Coast Guard who monitored the 'bioremediation' experiment & the DEC was there, too!

Your website would have more credibility of you learned how to spell.  The
"Deluth" you refer to is the USS Duluth.
http://www.c3f.navy.mil/newspage_USS_Duluth_Decommissioned.htm.  The "#39"
would be the USN ship that had 39 as a hull number.  That was the USS Mount
Vernon:  http://navysite.de/ships/lsd39.htm

I was in the USCG and was there and am just fine.

Vance Bennett

Glad to hear it, Vance ... thanks for  your input

Why Exxon Used a Bad Product

Do they 'look like' the gulf war syndrome' vets?

These all have 2-butoxyethanol exposure in common


A frequently used Teratogen chemical - Good overview info  This is a keeper ... a summary of what FLU is actually a chemical poisoning and the pattern of CFIDS that it seems to cause www.valdezlink.com/evos/city4-17.htm
I write these web pages to share what I'm learning
I have been looking into this seriously since May, 2002
Diann   835-3135 or 831-1000


If you damage someone's blood, as 2-butoxyethanol does... & the bone marrow and the blood forming organs... you have damaged their LIFE!  

"AFFECTS CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM (such as short term memory loss, depression, inability to concentrate, extreme irritability), BLOOD AND BLOOD-FORMING ORGANS, KIDNEYS, LIVER AND LYMPHOID SYSTEM.  MAY CAUSE IRRITATION TO SKIN AND RESPIRATORY TRACT." Reproductive damage.  CAUSES EYE IRRITATION."  Hole in retinas - blindness?  Cancers? Stomach cancer?  Liver Cancer?  Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia? AML? Melanoma? Broken bones don't heal?  

Endocrine System out of balance?  

Doctors who read the literature & abstracts will be checking for hemolytic anemia caused from solvents and doing the specialty testing for chemicals in a person's system and testing for kidney and liver function... not giving drugs for depression, etc ... which could further damage the liver.  


What about the concern for the 'pandemic' bird flu?

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                      Know a Gulf War Syndrome Vet?    



May the entire American Medical Association 

look into the effects of 

2-butoxyethanol poisoning 

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C6H14O2/CH3(CH2)2CH2OCH2 CH2OH  msds + MSDS   *

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